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2010 is about Access Assurance -- Applied Wisdom Nugget #4


Access Assurance

Here's an old adage that we've all heard - the value of the whole exceeds the sum of the parts. Is it true? Well, according to the governments of the United States and Japan it is. If you include the skin, the human body is comprised of 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 3% nitrogen and 9 other common and inexpensive elements down to a mere 0.00004% Iodine. Taken in their parts, 170 lbs of that is worth about $4.50.

But if you put it together in the right way, you can come up with the likes of Einstein, a Warren Buffet, a Gandhi, a Mother Theresa, an Alfred Bernhard Nobel.

It's similar in our space. We have all the elements - provisioning, compliance, role management, governance, sensitive data analysis, sensitive activity analysis, entitlement management and even security in the cloud (which we all know to be the next big thing until the next big thing comes along). Where we are collectively weak is the ability to put all of these things together in sophisticated ways where the whole exceeds the value of the sum of the parts - and by a whole lot.

With that, here are my 3 predictions for 2010:

    1. 2010 will not be about the cloud. We've been living in the clouds for years and Courion has already has been weaving our customer's provisioning, access
      compliance and access assurance frameworks into those clouds with connectors like GE Pharmacy, Fedlink, Equifax and Salesforce. That's not interesting.
    2. Companies will take advantage of commoditized pricing for custom connectors to dramatically increase the systems and applications for which they automate
      compliance, risk management and controls today.
    3. Companies will realize a dramatic increase in the value of what they already have by pulling together all of the elements in sophisticated ways to assure access
      and predict and remediate risk before breaches occur - Identity Intelligence and Analytics will be the next real big thing.

Did you know?

I presume you know that the Nobel Prizes (including the coveted Nobel Peace Prize) come from the institute of the same name. But did you know that the philanthropist who founded the institute was also the inventor of dynamite and he made his fortunes in the 1800s as a major arms manufacturer and dealer?

Define irony.


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