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What we heard at CONVERGE 2012


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Although we at Courion developed and presented the content, it was you -- our customers and partners -- who made last week’s CONVERGE 2012 customer conference informative, insightful and inspirational. Thank you for asking challenging questions and making incisive observations that will shape our strategy for years to come. (And thank you for being fun to hang around with too!)

If you weren’t able to join us this year, we missed you. We promise you will benefit from what we learned, and by joining us next year in Atlanta.

If there was one way in which everyone’s agendas perfectly aligned last week, it was in our determination to solve the challenge that brought us together in the first place: We find ourselves in a radically new era that demands a fresh approach to identity and access management (IAM).

We heard you, and here’s what we took away as the consensus in a nutshell:

The world runs on information, and competitive businesses need to provide secure access to employees and partners wherever they can. Openness is paramount. And your goal is very simple: ensuring the right people have the right access to the right resources at the right time, and are doing the right things with it.

Achieving this goal gets more complicated every day -- with rapidly changing business routines, regulatory frameworks, infrastructure and large-scale business conditions (e.g., reorganizations, M&A, new products, new partnerships, labor actions). Two of the infrastructure evolutions are seismic: the ubiquity of mobile devices and the movement of vital information to and from the cloud.

Meanwhile, attacks on enterprise data stores are becoming more numerous, varied and sophisticated. You’re being pulled in different directions by business users demanding access; board members expecting perfect defenses; auditors scrutinizing policy compliance; and CFOs weighing the return on your technology investments.

Traditional IAM (user provisioning and access certification) just isn’t cutting it anymore. The IAM gap consists of events, conditions, technologies and human foibles that present a significant likelihood of adverse events with significant impact. Companies have invested too much time and money in brittle solutions yielding limited business value. There is a yearning for a more effective IAM solution, one that goes beyond basic provisioning and reactive governance (i.e., reacting to audits). What we all want is a way to understand, monitor and manage access risk in real time.

Of course, at Courion we have ideas about how to better manage access risk in ways that will only take weeks, not years, to implement; that embody the best practices of our experience; that are configurable to meet your needs; and that leverage real-time access intelligence on-premise and in the cloud. Check out this video and see risk in a whole new way.

The clear value in a fresh IAM approach for a new era lies in lower costs, tighter linkage between security activities and business benefits, faster resolution of risk concerns, easier audits and performance improvement for your business.

That’s what we heard at CONVERGE 2012. What did you hear?


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